Besides offering all of the access related serives of the Internet, The CommShop can get you the full range of additional services to make your internet connection enjoyable and fún.

If you are wanted to reserve a domain-name for yourself, or setup your own web site we can help. If you wish to have an email address accessible via the Internet and/or via a POP client program like outlook, we can set you up with that as well.

If you have already searched around and found the service you would like to apply for, then simply call us and we´ll get you going quickly.



  Cliche Webhosting  
  LOVEFiLM - kostelos testen  
congstar DSL  
  Your first adress on the internet  
  WebHosting ab 0,99 EUR  
  Musicload Dance  
  Virtual Server 4.0 auf Linux oder Windows Betriebssystem sowie Virtual Server Managed  
Helpfull Information
  • Domain Name registry
  • Web-Site programming
  • Helpfull website tools
  • A guide to Voice over IP

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