The CommShop has been providing Internet and Telephone services directly or indirectly to customers throughout Germany for over 15 years.

We´re also contracted exclusively by One World Communications to provide end-user support for their customers.

Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise regarding Communications in Germany.


Customer outlet:

The CommShop
Ziegellhütte 2
66877 Ramstein

Office Hours: Monday 14-1800 hours and Tuesday through Friday 10-1800. We´re closed on Sat., Sun., and all German Holidays.

Right off Ramstein Air Base - Directly next to the Hotel Atlantis

06371-60753Telephone: (Free of charge with Landline Flat)


Come by and talk to one of our representatives. If something is available for you in Germany, we will find it, and get it to you in English if you want it.