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The CommShop offers the widest varieties of Internet services available in Germany. Many different types are available, and most are considered Germany wide. However, dependent on the physical constraints of telephone lines, DSL may or may not be available where you reside. The same goes for Cable internet services. Many locations are simply not on the cable network.

Mobile solutions are also good, but not intended for very heavy use. All companies will throttle your speed after the included amount of Flat rate (highspeed) traffic is used. This means that you continue to have a flat rate for the remainder of your month, simply at a lesser speed.

If you have already searched around and found the service you would like to apply for, then simply stop by and we´ll get you going quickly.


 DSL & Telephone Providers

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 Cable Providers

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 Satelite Providers

  StarDSL - ADSL Tarife  
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All items marked with a checkbox are eligible for a CommShop signup bonus of up to 25 Euros with a successful signup..

To be eligible we ask that the link shown here is followed and you let us know that you placed an order via this link. To save you the effort and get around the language barriers, contact a CommShop representative and they´ll gladly help you. This will also ensure a bonus!